Photography has been my hobby since when I was a kid.
At 17 I began taking it seriously and began working on my professional career.
In 1993 – 2000 I worked as a photographer for the National Theatre Brno.

Since 2000 I teach at the Brno Photoschool, where I am trying to give everything I have learned and discovered about photographic media to my students.

Apart from creating static photographic images I am interested in animating images into one hour projections with musical accompaniment.
I put into my work my passion for music, film, literature, and philosophy, and technology as well.
I consider myself a self-taught, although I studied at the ITF in Opava. However, I did not finish the school.

Pictures for Masses

I started to work on the project MASSES FOR PICTURES in September 2001. Currently, there are the following cycles : „LIGHT IN THE HELL“ „PREDESTINATION“, “ INTERFACE “, „LAMENT“, „SECRET ZONE“ and „STATE OF THINGS“ . These cycles are the result of my long-term work with photographic images. Cycle LIGHT IN THE HELL is, from a technological point of view, built largely on black and white negative and positive scans of material – images which were created in the years 1986 to 2006. These digitized photographic images were further processed on a computer using tools derived from classical photographic techniques. This cycle contains in itself the file named CRV which was created exclusively in an analog way, and the computer was used merely for coloring it. It is the result of my interest to treat photographic medium just freely and not to be limited by its “naturalism”, which, however, seemingly paradoxically, is fascinating me . Additional cycles are already based on digital photography. In the construction of my photographic image I aim to work completely free with the photographic data. It is photographic painting – “cyber pictorialism”.

Poetics of images is also related to my relationship to art and other artistic disciplines such as literature (fiction and non-fiction ), movies, music, architecture … Images, of course, contain in themselves an existential reflection. It is a reaction to the reality in which I find myself – it is a way of coping with it. It is a strong and positive drug based on image possession in its mysterious planes and layers …

Tom Galle

August 2008-2012